The Family Friendly Programming Forum is growing from one network to three.

The initiative by a group of advertisers, partnered with the WB, is aimed at developing shows that the whole family can sit down and watch together. And this fall, it resulted in one of the season's best new shows — "The Gilmore Girls."

(The Forum — a consortium of 43 national advertisers — had no direct input in the creation or production of that series but provided funding that helped get it on the air.)

Now both ABC and CBS have jumped on the Family Friendly bandwagon. (Those network's were honored earlier this year by the Family Friendly Forum for some of their current programming — "Touched by an Angel" on CBS and "The Wonderful World of Disney" and "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" on ABC.)

Now ABC and CBS, along with the WB, will receive money from the Forum to develop more family-friendly scripts that everyone involved hopes will be turned into family-friendly series.

It's a fine idea, and if it can bring us more shows like "Gilmore Girls," great. Of course, just because a network puts a good show that everybody in the family can sit down and watch together doesn't mean they will. "Girls," which airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. on Ch. 30, is struggling in the ratings — it really is the best show you're not watching.

IT'S (NOT) TODAY! Word is that ABC's long-in-the-works remake of the musical "Mame" is still in the works — and that there's finally a star attached to the project.

And, like the show itself, that star has only one name — Cher.

(Cool. Way cool.)

But don't be checking your listings anytime soon. Cher told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that it'll be at least 2002 before the project goes before the camera.

CAN YOU SAY SYNERGY? In the episode of the sitcom "Yes, Dear" scheduled to air on Monday, Nov. 27, Greg (Anthony Clark) discovers that his son is addicted to the children's series "Blues Clues." And "Blues Clues" star Steve M. Burns does a guest spot.

Let's see. "Yes, Dear" airs on CBS and is co-produced by CBS Productions — both owned by Viacom. "Blues Clues" is produced by Nick Jr. Productions and airs on both Nickelodeon and CBS — all owned by Viacom

What an amazing coincidence.