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TV Q&A: Did ‘CSI’ star ever feel ‘Lonesome’?

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Question: Please tell me whether William Petersen from "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" was ever on the "Lonesome Dove" TV show. — E.V.K., Cincinnati

Answer: William Petersen played Gideon Walker in the "Return to Lonesome Dove" miniseries. He's also been in films ("Cousins," "To Live and Die in L.A.") and television movies ("The Rat Pack," "12 Angry Men," 1997).

Question:I'm interested in the actress Jorja Fox on the new show "CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)." Haven't I seen her on "ER"? — C.C.L., Dallas

Answer: You have. She played Dr. Maggie Doyle on "ER." After her exit in 1999 from "ER," she joined The West Wing as secret service agent Gina Toscano. After appearing in "West Wing's" second season premiere in October, she moved on again to the new CBS drama "CSI," one of the highest rated new shows of the season. Fox is also co-founder of Honeypot Productions, an avant-garde theater company in Los Angeles.

Question:The last time we saw "Walker, Texas Ranger," C.D. died. I told my husband that he didn't really die; he was running for a political seat. Am I right? — J.K., Las Vegas

Answer: Actor Noble Willingham left the CBS series to run for a congressional seat from his home district in east Texas. His bid was unsuccessful, though; he was defeated by Democrat Max Sandlin.

Question:In the original "Maverick" series (1957-62), what is the name of the beautiful actress who continually outwitted Maverick? What became of her? — C.A.H., Dallas

Answer: Swindler Samantha Crawford, who often got the best of Bret Maverick (James Garner), was played by Diane Brewster. A frequent guest star on TV Westerns and dramas in the 1960s, Brewster also appeared on "Leave It to Beaver" as Miss Canfield and on "The Fugitive" as Richard Kimble's slain wife. She retired from acting in the 1960s and died of heart failure in 1991.

Question:I've noticed many Broadway stars on TV lately. I am especially curious about the three original "Dreamgirls" — Jennifer Holliday ("Ally McBeal"), Loretta Devine ("The PJs") and Sheryl Lee Ralph("Moesha"). Do they plan to stay with TV or return to the stage and recording careers? — J.O, Providence, R.I

Answer: Like most performers, the three actresses who appeared together in the Broadway musical "Dreamgirls" probably enjoy a good role, whether it be in theater, film or television. As for their latest projects, Devine has doubled her TV duties by joining the cast of the new series Boston Public. Next year, she and Ralph are scheduled to co-star in a movie tentatively titled "Baby of the Family." Holliday has signed to star in a feature film called "Love, Hurt and Joy."