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'Sopranos' fail in effort to film scenes on N.J. site

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — TV mob boss Tony Soprano got whacked in his own back yard.

Essex County officials have denied the award-winning HBO series "The Sopranos" a permit to film scenes on county-owned property, citing noise and safety concerns. County Executive James W. Treffinger took the rejection a step farther on Saturday, saying he would never grant a permit for the series.

"I have no intention of granting a permit for our taxpayer-owned facilities for a profit-making enterprise which depicts an ethnic group in stereotypical fashion," Treffinger said.

County officials cited safety concerns because of a nearby deer hunt in the rejection of HBO's request last week to shoot three days and nights of gunfight scenes in the South Mountain Reservation.

But Treffinger and Sheriff Armando Fontoura also said they disapprove of the show's depiction of Italian-Americans.