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The Delbert Green Case

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Editor's note: To commemorate the 150th year of continuous publication, The Deseret News is reprinting some of the letters to the editor published through the years.

A crazy boy was confined six and a half years in Utah's prison after killing three people. At sunrise Friday morning strapped in a chair, Delbert Green was shot and killed by the state.

Many had thought with a continuation of murder trials for a decade that state killings provided for in the law were forever gone. The State Legislature made the law and it looked like, with no executions in 10 years, that public opinion had unmade it.

However, there was nothing lawful about the killing of Green whether the killing was designed as a supreme punishment or a supreme warning to potential killers.

Green was made a "pet" at the state prison while one group, including the medical experts, tried to save his life and another group fought to have him shot. Thus passed six and a half years, while Green sold newspapers.

The constitution and the law guarantees to an accused person a speedy trial. The Delbert Green case is a shame and disgrace to the State of Utah.

John Mure Jr.

July 11, 1936