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Family’s bike goes to great lengths

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AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — With its riders sweating, shouting, crying and in some cases sleeping, 48 bike riders pedaled to a world record on a single bicycle.

Make that a 140-foot-long multicycle built for five generations of the Dumas family.

"Actually I think we had 52 people on the bike, but we didn't count the kids in the child's seats because they couldn't pedal," said Pauline Dumas, wife of the spectacle's organizer, Roger. "But we put them on the bike anyway. We wanted to include all the generations," she said.

Roger Dumas built the 140-foot-long bike by welding together new and old models, a couple of three-wheelers and one four-wheeled buggy. One section had two tiers, with a set of three child-size seats, pedals and chains towering six feet in the air.