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World datelines


KUALA LUMPUR — Fifteen people, including 13 schoolchildren, were killed when a trailer truck collided with a school van in the eastern state of Sarawak, police said Wednesday.


BUJUMBURA — A grenade exploded in a crowded market in central Bujumbura on Wednesday, killing at least four people and injuring 50 others as tensions in Burundi rose ahead of a deadline for a peace agreement.


NAZRAN — Russian jets rained bombs down on Chechnya's mountains Wednesday in what officials said was the heaviest bombardment in recent months, as they tried to destroy stubborn rebel resistance.


HANOI — At least 11 people were killed, two of them Indian tourists, and several reported missing, including a Thai tourist, after tropical storm Kaemi lashed Vietnam's coast.

Northern Ireland

BELFAST — Britain said on Wednesday it had reimprisoned Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair, the prominent Northern Irish former Protestant guerrilla leader, because he was a threat to peace in the province.


ISTANBUL — A magnitude 5.8 earthquake shook western Turkey on Wednesday, hitting an area devastated by a massive quake last year. Nine people were injured, apparently when they jumped out of buildings in panic.


HALLE — Three neo-Nazis standing trial on murder charges for fatally beating and kicking a black man in eastern Germany have testified they did not intend to kill their victim.


JOLO — Philippine government emissaries seeking the release of 12 foreign hostages are holding talks with Muslim rebels on a formula that may allow the guerrillas to temporarily keep some captives as human shields, officials said on Wednesday.


JAKARTA — Former President Suharto will go on trial on corruption charges next week, and the former dictator must attend despite claims that he is not mentally fit, a judge announced.


BUNOL — An estimated 20,000 revelers pelted each other with 100 tons of ripe tomatoes in the normally quiet town of Bunol Wednesday in one of the country's best-known annual fiestas.

Solomon Islands

HONIARA — The Solomon Islands deputy prime minister appealed on Wednesday for the release of his brother, kidnapped by one of two warring ethnic militias a week before the start of peace talks.


COPENHAGEN — Six chimpanzees in Copenhagen zoo have inherited half a million Danish crowns ($60,000), the tabloid Ekstra-Bladet reported Wednesday. Jimmy, Trunte, Fifi, Trine, Grinni and Gigi were named as sole heirs in the will of an 83-year old widow who had no living relatives of her own.


SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS — Police were investigating an apparent clash between Zapatista rebels and supporters of the ruling party that reportedly left as many as four people dead and several others injured.


GAZALKENT — Uzbek soldiers combed hills near a vacation resort Wednesday for Islamist rebels who entered the country last weekend and have advanced to within about 60 miles of the capital Tashkent.


BURNT CHURCH, New Brunswick — Canadian agents seized or destroyed hundreds of lobster traps, and one officer was hit by a rock as Indian fishermen protested the raid in an ongoing dispute over fishing rights off eastern Canada.