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Hollywood sign gets periodic makeovers

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce periodically receives requests to alter the Hollywood sign for publicity purposes. Michael Jackson once asked to have it read HISTORY to mark the release of his 1995 album "HIStory." Request denied.

Some of the alterations that were approved:

April 1986: HOLLYWOOD II (kicking off one of the many efforts in recent years to revitalize the Hollywood district).

April 1987: FOXWOOD (noting the debut of the Fox Television Network).

May 1991: A yellow ribbon was tied around the sign by Hollywood "mayor" Johnny Grant to welcome home Desert Storm troops.

June 1992: COOLWORLD (promoting release of the live-action/animation feature film).

Others have managed to alter the sign without permission, if only for a few hours:

January 1976: HOLLYWEED (promoting legalization of marijuana).

November 1983: GO NAVY (for a football game at the Rose Bowl).

January 1985: RAFFEYSOD (meaning unknown).

May 1987: CALTECH (a college prank).

July 1987: OLLYWOOD (during Iran-Contra hearings with Oliver North).

September 1987: HOLYWOOD (commemorating visit of Pope John Paul II).