On May 1, 1890, a man and woman traveled 250 miles on trails through the sagebrush, spending almost a week to get to the St. George temple so their marriage could be sealed for time and eternity, bringing blessings into the lives of their posterity.

"I think of the gratitude I have for the blessings they brought into my life in knowing there was a place to be married," willingly making the sacrifice that it took to get to a temple.

Such sacrifice is reflected in today's world by stories of mature couples who anticipate and serve missions. Included is a Scot who "was 15 some 40 years ago when I was presiding over the mission in Scotland . . . who joined the church along with his mother. He said that as he developed a testimony of the Book of Mormon and started reading it, he couldn't put it down because he knew it was true." He has reared a faithful family, and he and his wife are ready to serve a mission. In his letter he wrote, "This amazing church has woven a pattern of miracles in our lives."

A California couple in their 70s had a significant impact in Zimbabwe, where they reactivated many people. Because of their efforts, 28 people received temple blessings. How different all their lives would have been if they had stayed at home. "You can't find the word 'retirement' in the Bible. And don't look for it in the Bible Dictionary."