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B.C. comic was offensive

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As I customarily do every Sunday, this past Easter Sunday, I sat on the living room floor, drinking my espresso and reading the paper. This Easter, however, to my dismay, my pleasant routine was totally soured by the Johnny Hart B.C. comic strip.

Mr. Hart's comic strips are usually not particularly comic. Most of the time, he just likes to take an in-depth look at life and, most of the times, I enjoy them. This Sunday, however, I found that he stooped to an all-time low. The word that comes to my mind for this Sunday's B.C.'s very "uncomic" comic strip is: mean-spirited.

The comic strip was mean-spirited because of what it implied. It displayed a menorah, the sacred candelabra that Jews light in their synagogues. And Hart paraded it in the paper as the symbol of Jesus' killers. By doing so, Hart only helped perpetuate that hate toward the Jews that has been part of our society for centuries, and, as a human being, I am appalled and deeply mortified.

B.C. cartoonist Johnny Hart's insensitivity was only matched by our local newspapers' carelessness in deciding to publish his comic strip.

I feel that our newspapers owe the Jewish community an apology for publishing such an insensitive, comic strip. I also feel that our newspapers owe the Christian community an apology, for assuming that all Christians would approve of it being published.

Cristina Lyon