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2 Mexico policemen shot to death in car

SHARE 2 Mexico policemen shot to death in car

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico — The commander of investigative police in the northern border state of Tamaulipas and an assistant were shot to death by assailants who attacked them in their car near police headquarters.

The shooting Monday of Ministerial Police Commander Jaime Yanez Cantu and officer Gerardo Gascon marked the second bold, daylight attack against police in the last month.

The two died while sitting in a parked car a few blocks from police headquarters in the state capital, Matamoros. The Televisa television network reported Yanez Cantu had received death threats after refusing to cooperate with drug traffickers.

The attack may have been related to drug trafficking, said police spokesman Guillermo Narvaez Perales. The remnants of the Gulf drug cartel, reputedly led by Osiel Cardenas, have come under pressure in recent raids by federal police in Tamaulipas.

Yanez Cantu headed up the investigation of a June 19 attack by 20 heavily-armed men who stormed the state police offices to free Jose Ramon Davila Lopez, an alleged kidnapper for the Gulf Cartel.

Yanez Cantu said before his death that he was convinced drug traffickers were responsible for the June 19 attack.