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Wayne did his own riding in ‘True Grit,’ co-star says

SHARE Wayne did his own riding in ‘True Grit,’ co-star says

Glen Campbell says he'll never forget the day his co-star John Wayne cleared a fence on horseback during the filming of 1969's "True Grit."

Director Henry Hathaway was worried it would be a financial disaster if Wayne got hurt doing the stunt, said Campbell, who's the spokesman for American Movie Classics' John Wayne Film Festival, which runs through Sunday.

"Duke insisted that he do his own jump," Campbell recalled. "He shouted at Hathaway, 'I ain't having no one jump for me. Besides, I can jump a four-rail fence without a horse.'

"So John Wayne rolled in the saddle as his nag ran at a gallop in the snow toward the chest-high fence. The horse stretched, Duke rose, and the two cleared the fence with plenty of room."

"Acting alongside the larger-than-life star I'd grown up idolizing was truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life," Campbell said. Wayne died in 1979 at age 72.