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Campaign gets new name — ‘Enduring Freedom’

SHARE Campaign gets new name — ‘Enduring Freedom’

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon renamed its military campaign against terrorism "Enduring Freedom," dropping an earlier name considered offensive to Muslims.

Announcing the new name Tuesday, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld said it's also meant to remind Americans the effort will take a long time.

For one day last week, Pentagon officials used the name "Operation Infinite Justice" for the campaign in response to the Sept. 11 hijacking attacks.

Rumsfeld said the next day that the administration was reconsidering because in the Islamic faith such finality is considered something provided only by Allah.

Rumsfeld told a Pentagon briefing Tuesday that the new name "suggests that this is not a quick fix. . . . It'll take years, I suspect."

He said Americans will have the patience to see it through.