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Utah-based DoBox wins coveted award in Vegas

SHARE Utah-based DoBox wins coveted award in Vegas

Utah-based DoBox Inc., makers of parental control software, won a coveted Editor's Choice Award from Popular Mechanics in Las Vegas earlier this month during the international Consumer Electronics Show. The award honors "the most brilliant new products that will set the standard for their market categories," according to Popular Mechanics.

Only 17 exhibitors of the 2,000 at the show received the honor.

The DoBox software lets parents regulate e-mail, chat, peer-to-peer messaging, music downloads and Web browsing for each family member, so a 12-year-old boy's access is different than that of his 8-year-old brother.

DoBox offers a line of advanced residential gateway and firewall software technologies aimed at helping service providers and residential customers securely connect a wide range of information and entertainment devices inside the home to the Internet.

For more information, call DoBox at 1-801-446-4404, ext. 209, or visit www.dobox.com.