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Stein Erikson’s 50th Olympic anniversary

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Exactly 50 years ago, he won his own Olympic Medals competing for his native country of Norway. Now he is counting the days to the start of the 2002 winter games.

He's a skiing legend on the slopes of Deer Valley Resort, and today you can bet Stein Erikson is counting the days to the start of the winter games.

He is the face, he is the past and the future of Deer Valley resort. He's all about hobnobbing with the guests and personal guided tours. And at 74, he hardly misses a day on the slopes. And he still carves up the mountain like he's competing.

"Ya know the funny thing is those 50 years have gone by so fast I can't really believe it," Erikson said. "Still enjoying the sport as much as I did 50 years ago."

The 1952 Winter Olympic Games, this is a much younger Stein competing in his native Oslo Norway. Eriksen won the gold in giant slalom and the silver in slalom. But he is quick to point out, he should have had two golds.

"I knew that no one was going to beat me in the slalom but I just came over that little hump and I hit a little patch of ice and the skis just went a way from him. I had to jump around and I know right there is where I lost it," Erickson said.

But now 50 years later he has a chance very few others will ever have., to experience yet another Olympic Games.

Once again the competition will be on a mountain he knows well, a mountain that has become his home. And this time there will be no mistakes no slips so to speak.

"The important thing is that people that come here will say that we were treated so well we had such a good time in Utah we can hardly wait to get back," he said.

Stein Erikson did mention he heard a rumor that he may be involved in some way with the opening ceremonies. He wouldn't elaborate, it's all a big secret, but we could see him in some fashion.