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Halloween sucks for prison vampire

Inmate wanted to sip blood from ‘vampress’

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An imprisoned vampire isn't going to have a happy Halloween.

The Utah State Court of Appeals last week dismissed Robert Paul Rice's claims that the Utah State Prison is violating his right to practice his religion by failing to provide him with a "vampire" diet.

The court also showed no sympathy for Rice's complaint that he wasn't allowed a conjugal visit when a "vampress" is available so he can partake "in the vampiric sacrament (drinking blood)."

The court agreed with trial Judge J. Dennis Frederick's earlier ruling that the appeal "raises questions that are so insubstantial as not to merit further consideration."

In his appeal, Rice, a former Provo resident, claimed that when he was brought to the prison in June 2000 he noted in his information sheet that he was "a Druid" and that "the order of the Druids that I follow is the order of the Vampire." When he later became a member of Wicca, his "vampiric dietary needs" changed, he said.

Prison spokesman Jack Ford said Rice's records show he's a Catholic.

Rice, sentenced to 1 to 15 years for felony weapons possession, theft and burglary, said he can drink milk and eat fruit, grains and vegetables. But he won't eat meat.

Ford said the prison provides five diets: Kosher, a medical soft diet, a full liquid diet, an alternative diet that is vegetarian and a Muslim diet, for those who practice the dietary rules of Islam.

The prison is informed and complies with medical needs, and provides 11,000 meals a day, Ford said.

"We aren't customizing the meals to what each inmate wants. We do have those alternatives," Ford said. "He can take one of those and eat out of it what he wants and leave what he wants."

As for the kiss of the "vampress," forget it.

"Without any question we do not have conjugal visits in Utah," Ford said.