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KSL Radio: On-air highlights

May 6, 1922: KZN radio (later KSL) launches the first radio broadcast in Utah as a nine-tube, 500-watt station on AM-833. It is owned and operated by the Deseret News.

June 26, 1923: U.S. President Warren G. Harding is heard in an address in the Tabernacle.

June 1924: The Deseret News sells its interest in the station to John Cope, a radio engineer, who starts the Radio Service Corp. of Utah.

Oct. 3, 1924: First-ever radio broadcast of LDS General Conference.

June 13, 1924: The call letters change from KZN to KFPT; the frequency is also altered to AM-1149.

Nov. 17, 1924: Earl J. Glade purchases the station.

1925: The LDS Church and the Salt Lake Tribune purchase stock in Radio Service Corp. The Tribune begins providing news to the station in a marriage that lasts 22 years.

June 24, 1925: Call letters change from KFPT to KSL. Power increases to 1,000 watts, and it moves to AM-1000.

1925: KSL and KDKA-Pittsburgh are the first radio stations to start using advertising for financial support.

July 15, 1929: Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcasts begin airing each week.

1929: A 5,000-watt transmitter is built, and the frequency is changed to AM-1130. The station is granted a "clear channel" designation.

Oct. 16, 1932: FCC grants permission to increase station's signal strength to today's 50,000-watt level.

1932: KSL joins the CBS radio network and moves into new studios on the top floor of the Union Pacific Building.

March 9, 1941: KSL's frequency changes to AM-1160.

1946: KSL starts a sister station, KSL-FM, Utah's first FM station. It is sold in 1978 and becomes KSFI.

Jan. 22, 1947: The Kearns Corp., owner of the Salt Lake Tribune, sells its stock in KSL to pursue interest in another station. The LDS Church becomes the majority stockholder in Radio Service Corp.

1952: A 370-foot transmission tower is installed on Farnsworth Peak.

Feb. 3, 1962: KSL moves from the Union Pacific Building to 145 Social Hall Ave.

1964: Bonneville International Corp. is founded to handle LDS Church radio and TV stations, as well as production facilities.

April 1967: With new equipment, KSL radio begins broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Previously the station had to occasionally shut down for an evening to take care of maintenance.

1977: KSL begins its annual Radiothon to raise funds for Primary Children's Medical Center.

1984: KSL moves to Broadcast House in the Triad Center; typewriters are replaced by computers.