Q.I'm a huge fan of Tom Welling, star of WB's "Smallville." What can you tell me about his personal life and any upcoming projects?— A.A., San Jose, Calif.

A. The model-turned-actor wrapped the second season of "Smallville" last month and went straight to work on the feature film "Cheaper by the Dozen," a redo of a popular 1950s film about a large and happy family. Tom plays the oldest brother, with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt, of "Life With Bonnie," as the parents. The movie is tentatively scheduled for a Christmas 2003 release. Tom and his wife, Jamie, will celebrate their first anniversary in July. Then Tom will resume work on season three of "Smallville," which moves from Tuesdays to Wednesdays in the fall.

Q.Is Chris Harrison, host of "The Bachelor" on ABC, the same Chris Harrison who hosts "Designer's Challenge" on HGTV? — K.B., Carrollton, Texas

A. Harrvison does double duty on the home design show and "The Bachelor." Look for him to return to host a fourth edition of "The Bachelor."

Q. Is the actor who plays the mayor on "The District" the same actor who played the husband of Denise on "The Cosby Show"? He played a lieutenant in the Navy on that show. I didn't see his name listed in the credits for "The District."

— C.F., Las Vegas

A. Joseph C. Phillips plays Mayor Morgan Douglas on "The District," and you do recognize him from his "Cosby Show" role as Lt. Martin Kendall (1989-1991). He also spent time on "General Hospital" (1994-98) as attorney Justus Ward. Besides his television, movie and theater roles, Phillips has a wide range of other interests. He's a culinary school graduate, a community activist and playwright. He and his wife, Nicole, have two children.

Q. On the May 13 season finale episode of "Judging Amy," the show ended with "In Loving Memory of" I didn't recognize the name. To whom were they referring?

— S. Mueller, via e-mail

A. The tribute was to Peppy Stern, the wife of "Judging Amy's" executive producer Joseph Stern, who died late last year. The reference was not related to the apparent death of the character Gillian Gray, played by actress Jessica Tuck. We'll have to wait until next season to find out whether Gillian pulled through her difficult childbirth.