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New N.Y. signs point out Onassis park reservoir

SHARE New N.Y. signs point out Onassis park reservoir

New signs will go up around Central Park's reservoir identifying it as the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

The reservoir, which the New York City Council named in 1994, will have signs signaling the new name inside its fence and at various points around the reservoir, Christopher Ward, commissioner of the city Department of Environmental Protection, said Tuesday.

"Today, the city unveils the signs in recognition of her attachment and affection for New York City and Central Park," Ward said of Onassis.

The reservoir served as the city's water source from 1862 to 1993, delivering water from the Croton Reservoir in upstate New York. Today, it serves as a source of recreation. The 1.6-mile path around the reservoir is popular with joggers and its shores are a haven for turtles, waterfowl, woodchucks and a variety of fish and plants.