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Marie Osmond to get her own radio show

Targeted to women, her program will feature talk, music

Marie Osmond
Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond is best-known these days for her collectible doll line and periodic appearances on the QVC-TV network. Now she's gearing up to branch out and add a syndicated five-hour, weekday afternoon radio show to her schedule starting Feb. 2.

The Jones Radio Network (sponsors of "Delilah," "The Clark Howard Show" and many other programs) will syndicate "Marie and Friends," which will target women listeners. This new show will feature conversation, as well as mainstream adult contemporary music hits.

"In our quest to find the next great radio personality, we dreamed of someone who is smart, engaging, funny and entertaining with undeniable star power," said Jim LaMarca, executive vice president of Jones Radio Network. "Marie Osmond is the answer to those dreams and more. She's a superstar who relates to women through her experience balancing family and career."

Inside Radio reported Friday that Jones Radio is going to build a special studio in Utah, so that Osmond can continue to remain here to rear her family.

However, Kim Ketchel, director of marketing for the Jones Radio Network in Denver, could not confirm or deny that at this point.

It is also unknown at present which stations would air the program.

"We don't have any affiliates so far," Ketchel said.

"I'm thrilled to be on radio and working with Jones Radio Networks," Marie Osmond said in a press release. "After being home with eight kids, I'm looking forward to healthy adult conversation with women my own age! I missed out on having a sister, so I can't wait to get one-to-one with my audience; relating, sharing, laughing, inspiring, supporting and just plain getting silly on the drive home."

Susan Stephens, vice president for Jones Radio, expects Osmond's show to be the kind of radio that will make you smile.