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Fear Before March of Flames, Codeseven to rock out in Salt Lake

Fear Before the March of Flames' latest album is "Art Damage."
Fear Before the March of Flames' latest album is "Art Damage."
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Rockers rejoice. On Wednesday night, the Equal Visions Records Tour hits the Lo-Fi Cafe.

Codeseven vocalist Jeff Jenkins and Fear Before the March of Flames guitarist Adam Fisher took some time out of their tour schedules to chat by phone with the Deseret Morning News, from somewhere on the road between Erie, Penn., and Farmingdale, N.Y.

"Our bands have many different influences," said Jenkins. "Pink Floyd and Brian Eno are a couple of them. But when Codeseven got together, we were more aggressive than we are now. Then, as time went on, we started incorporating our influences into making our own sound."

Codeseven — comprised of Jenkins, guitarist Eric Weyer and three brothers: bassist Jon Tuttle, guitarist James Tuttle and drummer Matt Tuttle — wanted to make an album that they all could enjoy. "We did a lot of talking and everyone of us was able to give our input," said Jenkins. "I guess we could be considered a band that is run by a quasi-democracy. Sure, it is a challenge being in a band with three brothers, but sometimes it's easier in ways because they can be totally frank with each other."

The new album, "Dancing Echos/Dead Sounds," features some electronic styles, incorporated by Jon Tuttle's additional programming and James Tuttle's guitar and synthesizer work, which have expanded the band's sound. "It is by far the best album we have made," said Jenkins. "It's our favorite album. And to know I recorded it with four of my best friends — although I'm sure they get tired of me, as I of them sometimes — makes it that much better."

Fisher's musical influences came from his parents. "They listened to a lot of things from Neil Young to John Denver, stuff like that. But the first band that I paid attention to on my own was the Counting Crowes. And after I heard them, I went out and bought whatever I could find about that band."

From then on, Fisher knew he wanted to do something with music. And in July 2002, Fear Before the March of Flames was formed. The band — with Fisher, bassist Michael Madruga, drummer Brandon Proff and vocalist David Marion — considers itself lucky.

"Every day is a new day with new challenges," said Fisher. "But we stop and think about what we do for a living. We play music. We go on tour and we, at least I hope, make people happy. The biggest obstacle is the music industry. And the trends. It is in our best interest to surround ourselves with people we can trust."

Fear Before the March of Flames' new album, "Art Damage," is full of sonic brutality. The band recorded the album in 23 days and whittled some 40 songs into an 11-song CD.

"We are so lucky to be doing this," said Fisher. "And we just want to keep playing until we can't anymore."

If you go. . .

What: "Equal Vision Records Tour," Fear Before the March of Flames, Codeseven, Vaux

Where: Lo-fi Cafe

When: Wednesday, 7 p.m.

How much: $10