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Jon M. Huntsman Jr. biography

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret Morning News

Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

Age: 44

Spouse: Mary Kaye Huntsman

Children: Mary Anne, 19; Abby, 18; Elizabeth, 16; Jon III, 13; William, 11; Gracie Mei, 5

Education: bachelor's degree, political science, University of Pennsylvania.

Professional experience: Chairman and CEO of Huntsman Family Holdings, LLC; president of Huntsman Cancer Foundation; member of board of directors for Owens Corning, Valassis Communication and Total

Political experience: U.S. trade ambassador; U.S. ambassador to Singapore; U.S. assistant secretary of commerce.

Quote on why he's the best person for the job: My experience at the highest levels in both public service and the private sector provide a unique background that will help me, if elected governor, to boost the economy, which will give us resources to pay for a world class education for our children, handle growth needs such as transportation, and preserve our unparalleled quality of life.