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History of Deseret Towers

1963 — Deseret Towers constructed.

1992 — Renovation begins on first of eight Helaman Halls.

1996 — Asbestos found in Deseret Towers.

1999 — Provo and BYU begin to consider the South Campus Area Master Plan or SCAMP; BYU begins work on student housing master plan.

2000 — BYU examines rule that would prohibit freshmen from driving cars to campus. Rumors begin that Deseret Towers will be torn down.

2001 — BYU announces it will only approve new student housing within Provo's city limits.

2003 — BYU reworks policy, announces it will approve new student housing only in a tight square around campus.

2004 — BYU approaches neighborhood leaders about building on 800 North in Provo.

2005 — May Hall scheduled to open, last renovation of the eight Helaman Halls.