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‘Quintuplets’ born on Fox

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Clockwise from top: Jake McDorman, Johnny Lewis, Andy Richter, April Matson, Ryan Pinkston, Rebecca Creskoff, Sarah Wright

Clockwise from top: Jake McDorman, Johnny Lewis, Andy Richter, April Matson, Ryan Pinkston, Rebecca Creskoff, Sarah Wright


Fox's "Quintuplets" (Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., Ch. 13) is different for one reason — this domestic comedy features five fictional offspring who were born on the same day.

Other than that, it's a pretty traditional sitcom. A pretty funny one, but certainly nothing groundbreaking.

The kids run the gamut of sitcom teens. Parker (Jake McDorman) is the Big Man on Campus; Paige (Sarah Wright) is the air-headed popular girl; Pearce (Johnny Lewis) is the lovable loser; Penny (April Matson) is the smart wallflower; and Patton (Ryan Pinkston) is the undersized BMOC wannabe.

And their parents (Andy Richter and Rebecca Creskoff) are put-upon — no surprise there, what with five teenagers in the house.

With sitcoms, it's all in the casting and the execution. The casting here is good, and the writing is often witty and funny. This is Fox, so look for lots of sex jokes (although not more than your average episode of "Friends"). And Richter's character inadvertently eats a pot brownie at a rock concert (which has been done umpteen times before), and they play drug use for laughs.

Well, they've been playing pot for laughs on "That '70s Show" for years.

But I laughed several times watching tonight's pilot. And any sitcom that can actually make me laugh — there haven't been many in recent years — is one I'm going to give a chance.

METHOD & RED (Wednesday, 8:30 p.m., Ch. 13), yet another of Fox's summer offerings, looks like something you might expect to see on UPN.

That is not a compliment.

Real-life rappers Method Man and Redman play themselves — sort of. Method and Red are fictionalized versions of the real thing, the major difference being that the fictionalized duo live in the same house. And they have a laugh track.

Which is sort of a non-sequitur, given that there are no laughs in this lame "comedy."

Talk about recycling old ideas — "Method & Red" is essentially an updated "Beverly Hillbillies." They're fish out of water in a Los Angeles neighborhood populated by rich folks. Mostly white rich folks who are taken aback by boyz from the 'hood.

In the debut, stuffy neighbor lady Nancy Blaford (Beth Littleford) — a latter-day Mrs. Drysdale — is campaigning to force Method and Red to sell their home. They fight back, taking fruit cakes to the neighbors. And — surprise! — some of the neighbors think they're about to get robbed. Whoa, what a knee-slapper.

This show is supposed appeal to a young, male audience. If I were young (younger?), I'd be insulted by how dumb Fox thinks I am.

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