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Parents of missing Y. coed carry on

Couple tries to get lives on track after apparent abduction

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VENETA, Ore. — Though their lives might never be the same, the parents of Brooke Wilberger are trying to resume some of their familiar routines.

The family has celebrated a couple of birthdays in recent weeks, and Greg and Cammy Wilberger were in Corvallis Sunday to attend a graduation ceremony for their son, Bryce.

Greg Wilberger, a process engineer for Borden Chemical, recently flew to California on a business trip, and Cammy returned to her Bethel School District classroom Monday to clean up for the summer break. She plans to continue teaching in the fall.

"Even when Brooke comes back, our lives will never be the same," Cammy Wilberger said. "The healthy thing for Brooke and ourselves is to try to be the best we can be. That includes trying to get back to some of these regular things."

Brooke Wilberger, a student at Brigham Young University, vanished from her sister's apartment complex in Corvallis on May 24. Police believe she was abducted.

Wilberger's parents and her extended family kept vigil in Corvallis for 1 1/2 weeks while thousands of volunteers searched wooded areas, riverbanks and fields near where Wilberger was last seen.

"I always wondered how people could keep up hope for a long period of time," Cammy Wilberger said. "But time fades and you don't even realize how much time has gone by. It seems like yesterday."

Despite the attempt at normality, the mysterious disappearance remains at the center of the Veneta couple's lives. On Saturday night, Greg and Cammy attended a community concert in Corvallis organized to thank volunteers for their help in looking for their daughter and to benefit the search fund.

On Monday, Greg was back in Corvallis to meet with OSU Federal Credit Union officials about the fund set up on behalf of the search effort.

As they begin their summer, the Wilbergers plan to stay close to home and tapped into the investigation. A German exchange student who stayed with the family for a year plans a long visit.

Pictures and descriptions of Brooke, along with the details of her abduction, remain plastered in public places across the region.

Corvallis police continue to take a strong interest in Friday's report of an attempting kidnapping of a teenager in Lebanon, 18 miles from where Wilberger disappeared. Authorities are searching for the man who was driving a silver Honda Accord with a gold tint.

He might have since approached two other young women on that city's streets, police said Monday.

"We're going to treat this as a very high party of interest," Corvallis Police Capt. Robert Deutsch said. "This is probably the strongest development" currently in the Wilberger case.