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Mark Hofmann case: Where are they now?

Mark Hofmann — Convicted murderer: Serving a life sentence in the maximum security cellblock of the Utah State Prison.

Gary Sheets — Husband at the time of murder victim Kathy Sheets: Now lives in St. George, where he sells life insurance. Has been married to wife Diane for 18 years. They have 16 grandchildren and hope to serve an LDS Church mission, according to daughter Gretchen Sheets McNees.

Terri Christensen — Widow of murder victim Steve Christensen: Now lives in Farmington with her daughter. Two married sons also live in Farmington; two other sons live nearby. She has been divorced twice since her husband's murder.

Dorie Olds — Hofmann's former wife: Now works as a life coach; divorced Hofmann in 1988 and retook her maiden name.

George Throckmorton — Investigator: Directs the Salt Lake City Police Department crime lab; has just written a book about the Hofmann forgeries and bombings.

Ken Farnsworth — Salt Lake Police Department detective who investigated the case: Now works as a criminal investigator with the Utah Attorney General's Office.

Robert Stott — Hofmann case prosecutor: Still works as a prosecutor with the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office.

Ron Yengich — Hofmann's defense attorney: Continues to work as a defender.

Brent Ashworth — Provo documents collector: Now commutes to California, where he is a lawyer for Shaklee nutritional products; still collects Mormon and Americana rare documents.

Deseret Book rare books department — No longer exists.

Shannon Flynn — A former friend of Hofmann: lives in Phoenix, where he owns a parking-lot-maintenance business.

Salamander Letter — A Hofmann forgery, is held in an LDS Church vault.

Oath of a Freeman — A Hofmann forgery, is held by a New York book dealer, Justin G. Schiller Ltd.