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BYU students gather 63 tons in 'food fight'

PROVO — Brigham Young University students gathered 63 tons of food and raised thousands in cash in the "food fight" between BYU and the University of Utah.

The dollar figure is expected to go up even more when Del Taco, a sponsor of the 13th annual food-gathering contest between the two schools, releases its figures for the number of Y and U marks that were sold at stores.

A mark is a card with the school's logo that is purchased for a dollar.

From every dollar raised, the food banks are able to purchase $13 worth of food. This makes the 14,000 marks worth $182,000.

All BYU donations go directly to the United Way of Utah County and the Community Action Food Bank to help feed thousands of needy Utahns this holiday season.

"I was absolutely blown away," says Troy Simpson, who oversaw the program for the BYU Alumni Association. "I am so touched the people opened up their wallets, their cupboards and their hearts to be so generous."

The two-week-long food drive culminated with the football game on Saturday.

The U. won 41-34 in overtime.