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Details of BYU’s Emmy-winning short films

SHARE Details of BYU’s Emmy-winning short films

Two student-produced short films created for courses at Brigham Young University won awards from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

"Faux Paw: Adventures in the Internet"

Student director — Chad Erekson

First place, traditional animation

What it's about: Faux Paw the Techno Cat and McGruff the Crime Dog teach Internet safety rules to children. Faux Paw is based on children's books by former Utah first lady Jacalyn Leavitt, and the film is part of the National Crime Prevention Council's Internet Keep Safe Coalition campaign.

"Pet Shop"

Student director — Trent Halvorsen

Third place, nontraditional animation

What it's about: A not-so-lovable chinchilla desperate to leave a pet shop does his best to win the attention of his potential owner, Billy, who seems more interested in a lizard in a neighboring cage. The four-minute film involved 18 BYU students.