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Sandwich timeline

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1752: The sandwich is invented by John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich.

1792: John Pearson establishes America's first commercial bakery in Newburyport, Mass., to make "pilot bread" — a tough and durable biscuit to sustain sailors on long voyages.

1837: "Miss Leslie's Directions for Cookery" gives an American recipe for ham sandwiches.

1883: Oscar F. Mayer leases a failing meat market in Chicago, and, with the help of his brothers, makes it a success within 5 years.

1884: The first "Boston Cooking School Cook Book" gives sandwich recipes with a variety of fillings: cooked ham, corned beef, tongue, lobster, chicken salad and raw beef.

1894: The club sandwich — chicken breast and bacon, tomatoes and lettuce layered between two or three slices of toasted bread — may have first appeared at the exclusive Saratoga Club-House in upstate New York.

1903: James L. Kraft begins a wholesale cheese business in Chicago.

1903: The oldest recipe for the club sandwich is published in the "Good Housekeeping Everyday Cook Book," by Isabel Gordon Curtis.

1918: The French dip sandwich is created by French immigrant Philippe Mathieuat at Philippe the Original sandwich shop in downtown Los Angeles.

1920: Wonder Bread, "The new wrapped loaf," hit the markets.

1921: The Pig Stand, a drive-in sandwich restaurant using car-hop service, opens near Dallas-Fort Worth. It is the forerunner to the fast-food industry.

1926: The Toastmaster (a pop-up toaster) is introduced for the American home.

1922: First shelf-stable peanut butter is developed.

1928: Commercial bread slicer is invented in Chillicothe, Mo.

1930: Pre-sliced bread is marketed by Wonder Bread. By 1933, 80 percent of the bread sold in the United States is pre-sliced.

1930: The Philly cheese steak sandwich is first served at Pat Oliveri's hot dog stand in Philadelphia.

1933: Kraft Miracle Whip premieres at the Chicago World's Fair. A patented "emulsifying machine" blends mayonnaise with less expensive salad dressing.

1937: SPAM canned lunch meat is launched.

1950: Kraft Deluxe process cheese slices are introduced in the United States.

1964: Blimpie sandwich shops are founded in Hoboken, N.J., by Tony Conza and two high school friends.

1965: Fred DeLuca, an ambitious 17-year-old, opens Pete's Super Submarines — forerunner to the Subway sandwich chain — in Bridgeport, Conn.

1981: Quizno's opens its first store in Denver, Colo.

2002: Chicken Florentine Panini sandwich wins the Pillsbury Bake-Off's $1 million grand prize for Denise Yennie of Tennessee.

2004: To keep up with the low-carb diet craze, Subway launches two Atkins-approved sandwich wraps.

2004: Chef Todd Mark Miller makes waves with his $100 Philly cheese steak sandwich, served at the posh Barclay Prime steak house in Philadelphia.

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