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Amazon lists Windows Vista for $239 on its Web site

SHARE Amazon lists Windows Vista for $239 on its Web site

SEATTLE (AP) — Microsoft Corp. will charge $239 for the version of the Windows Vista operating system it hopes most consumers will buy, according to prices listed on Internet retailer Amazon.com's Web site.

Amazon.com, which has begun taking pre-orders for Vista, also reveals list prices for two other versions. Those prices will be similar to what Microsoft currently charges for comparable versions of Windows XP, the current system.

According to Amazon.com's Web site, the version of Vista geared toward work use, Windows Vista Business, will cost $299, similar to the price for Windows XP Professional. The consumer version, Windows Vista Home Basic, will cost $199, the same as Windows XP Home.

But Microsoft is hoping most consumers will embrace Windows Vista Premium, which offers entertainment capabilities such as the ability to record live television. That version is listed at $239. Similar functionality is available in the Media Center edition of Windows XP, but that is only available pre-loaded onto a computer, so comparable pricing is not available.

The company also is hoping to sell consumers on another version of Vista, called Ultimate. That version, geared toward home users who also want to do some work from the family den, is listed for $399 on Amazon.com's Web site.

The prices listed on Amazon.com's Web site are for those users who choose to buy the operating system on its own. Many consumers, however, buy Windows as part of a new computer purchase.

It's also generally cheaper to upgrade a machine from the current version of Windows to the new one. Amazon.com is selling the upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium for $159, and the upgrade to Home Basic for $99.95.