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5 teens have died while participating in Utah-based programs

Teens who have died in Utah wilderness therapy programs/residential treatment programs:

• Michelle Sutton, 15, Pleasanton, Calif., who died May 9, 1990, in a remote area north of the Grand Canyon from heat exhaustion while in the care of a St. George-based wilderness program.

• Kristen Chase, 16, Ponte Vedra, Fla., died June 27, 1990 from heat exhaustion while hiking with program at Kaiparowits Plateau in southern Utah.

• Aaron Bacon, 16, Phoenix, who died March 31, 1994, from peritonitis and a perforated ulcer near Hole in the Rock, Garfield County.

• Ian August, 14, Austin, Texas, who died July 13, 2002, in Marjum Canyon, 60 miles from Delta.

• Kiley Jaquays, 17, Plain Field, Ill., who died Dec. 24, 2002, in a hiking fall near St. George while being treated at a residential treatment center for emotionally troubled teens.