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Jackie Chan says phooey to old kung-fu greeting

Jackie Chan has a message for aspiring action stars: Don't bow to me.

In a blog entry on his Web site, the 53-year-old actor says he doesn't like the way disciples greet their masters in kung-fu movies by grasping a clenched fist in a prayerlike gesture, then bowing their heads.

Chan says he's seen the move in audition video clips for "The Disciple," his Chinese talent show, which is co-produced by Beijing TV station BTV.

"Some preliminary competitors would introduce themselves the old-period kung-fu way: the fist of one hand clenched firmly, the palm of the other wrapped on top, head slightly bowed, then saying, 'All the heroes here today, please advise and correct my wrongdoings,"' Chan writes on his blog.

He says the greeting is "old-fashioned and definitely not what I'm looking for."