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Traveling fugitive has one last stop: Utah

John Bradley Egan
John Bradley Egan

Sure, Utah has its share of fugitives, some who even flee the country, but local law enforcers say this is the first time someone has tried to set sail to Ireland.

Earlier this week, federal officials announced the indictment of 42-year-old John Bradley Egan, who is wanted on charges of bank fraud, computer fraud and aggravated identity theft. He also faces felony charges in state court on theft, fraud and criminal non-support for failing to pay child support.

On Friday, the FBI said Egan, who had been missing for over a year after vanishing from Bountiful with his fiancee's cash, is on his way back to Utah to face charges after being picked up by Cuban authorities when his boat broke down.

"We have had some people flee internationally, but actually never on a boat to Ireland," said Kerry Gallegos with the Utah Attorney General's criminal investigation division.

According to the indictment, Egan had talked his fiancee into selling her North Salt Lake condo and starting a new life with him in Tampa, Fla., where they were to be married. Egan persuaded the woman, listed only as "L.C.," to drive with her daughter to Florida where he told her he would meet her. Instead, police say, Egan drained her bank account of about $109,000 and stole his parents' passports and Social Security cards before he vanished in June 2006.

The mother of Egan's son said Egan talked about traveling to Mexico or Canada to avoid paying child support.

A year later, federal officials were notified last June that Egan had been picked up off the coast of Cuba in a broken-down boat.

FBI special agent Juan Becerra said Egan had spent quite a while in a Cuban jail after he was found with a forged passport. Cuban officials reported Egan was found in a sailboat with a small diesel engine and that he had planned to sail from Mexico to Ireland when his boat ran aground.

Through a diplomatic exchange, Cuba handed Egan over and has been in federal custody in Miami.

Gallegos said Egan has waived extradition and is on his way back to Utah to face both state and federal charges. It has not been decided which court system will take him first.