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Meth awareness programs now on Comcast On Demand

Comcast On Demand has started airing four programs on meth use in Utah: "Mother Superior," "The Aftermath of Meth," "Hope After Meth" and "Meth Warning Signs." All programs highlight increased meth use among women in their childbearing years.

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., the Utah Association of Counties and the Utah Methamphetamine Joint Task Force have launched a new statewide awareness campaign designed to educate Utahns about the effects of methamphetamine use, its impact on Utah families and the services available to people seeking help for themselves or for someone they love.

"Meth use harms all citizens regardless of whether they have fallen prey to addiction or if they fall within the circle of influence of someone who is using," said Lisa-Michele Church, executive director of Human Services and co-chairman of the Utah Methamphetamine Joint Task Force.

Comcast subscribers can view the programs free.