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Urchin performs tonight in Salt Lake

Sound of Urchin: Reverend B. Ill, left, Tomato, Seahag and Doo Doo.
Sound of Urchin: Reverend B. Ill, left, Tomato, Seahag and Doo Doo.
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In 2005, Sound of Urchin released its album "Diamond" on the Hybrid record label, and came to Salt Lake City for a high-energy show in Monk's House of Jazz.

The band — composed of lead singer/drummer Tomato (born Chris Harfenist), bassist Doo Doo (Chris Huetz), and guitarists B. Ill (Bill Fowler) and Seahag (Robert Mangano) — has a new album titled "Rejoice," and it will return to Salt Lake City tonight.

But the album is is being released independently.

"Things sure have changed in two years," Tomato said by phone from New York, "but it's all been for the best."

Since the band has no label, there is no one for band members to answer to — except of course, each other. "That was the beauty of making the new album. We didn't have a label rep or producer telling us to cut back on the solos and things like that.

"I mean, we have two of the best guitarists in the world in the band. They can shred. The CDs we've done in the past haven't been able to showcase them like we want. So, this time around, we knew what we wanted to do. And we let them loose. Instead of the song being three minutes long, it's four. And that one minute is a guitar solo."

Sound of Urchin had all the songs prepped for the studio, said Tomato, who writes all the tunes. "There were a few songs that I had laying around since 2001, but most of the songs on the album are new, and were written in the past two years.

"I like to think that the songs are a reflection of where the band is now, Sure, there are those songs that I wrote in the past, but the songs all are pictures of the present."

In order to get the album out to fans, Tomato came up with a new distribution method — for each ticket sold, the ticket-buyer receives the album, included in the ticket price. "You know, I've been trying to do this for years. And since we're totally independent now, we can.

"You know, if I go to a show with $10, I won't buy an album. I'll by some drinks. And if a band is really good, I'll say to myself, 'I've got to get the album. I'll look for it tomorrow.' But then I'll forget and life will get in the way.

"By including the CD in the ticket purchase, the fans can have it right then and there. And those who come to see us for the first time will have our album in their hands when they leave the show.

"There are a million bands out there, and this was a way of setting us apart from the mass."

If you go ...

What: Casket Salesman, Sound of Urchin, Erratic Erotic, Ask the Dust

Where: Burt's Tiki Lounge, 726 S. State

When: tonight, 7 p.m.

How much: $10

Phone: 521-0572