Every year we are faced with fires out west, hurricanes in the South and south east, flash floods, winter storms and blackouts around the rest of the nation.

Emergencies happen all the time.

Could you stay calm if you were faced with a disaster or personal emergency? This week is Anti-Procrastination Week. I know you have been putting off making this section in your control journal.

Please don't put off the actual preparation: batteries, water, emergency food supplies, radio, a way to cook, flashlights and anything else that you can think of.

Here is your test question: Imagine that you have to evacuate your home in 30 minutes. What would you take with you? Could you decide what is important in your life and what is really clutter?

Now here is the toughest part of this challenge. Can you put your hands on those items that you wish to take with you?

I want you to think about this! Keep in mind you only have a few minutes and you may never see your home again. So this is going to be a quick decision. No more being wishy-washy about this. You are going to find out what is most important in your home.

I can tell you right this minute that there is nothing in my home but Robert that I could not replace. If I were forced to evacuate, I would grab my purse, my laptop and my pearls. I could still replace all of these things; I would just feel better having them around.

I would do my best to save our dogs and our orange kitty. I have had to search for leashes and the cat carrier in the past. I know where they are now.

Don't say, "This can never happen to me!" Many of you live on the coast and deal with hurricane evacuation every summer. Most of us may have to deal with other weather-related problems, floods, winter storms and tornados. Then there are nuclear reactors all over the world and earthquakes can happen at any time.

We live in the forest, and during a dry season we could experience fire raging up a mountain. People are facing this problem right now. We had it a couple of weeks ago in our county. So you are not immune to disasters.

So look at your home and be thankful for your blessings. We don't need all of our stuff as long as we have our family. As Rita Davenport says, "If money will fix it, it is not a problem!" Think about this now. Make a plan so you don't have to think if it happens to you. If you need help coming up with a preparedness list then go to my Web site; www.FlyLady.net and put evacuation into our Google Search Box.

For more help getting rid of your CHAOS; check out: www.FlyLady.net or "Sink Reflections" published by Bantam and "Body Clutter" published by Fireside. Copyright 2007 Marla Cilley. Used by permission in this publication.