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Osmond is divorcing her 2nd husband

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Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond is calling it quits on her second marriage.

Osmond announced Thursday she is divorcing Brian Blosil, her husband of 20 years.

The singer, actress, dollmaker, author, radio talk-show host, television personality and mother told "The Insider," a syndicated TV program, on Thursday she and her estranged second husband "continue to have a very amicable relationship."

Osmond and Blosil, an award-winning producer, married in 1986 and have shared the domestic duties of raising eight children — a child of her first marriage, to Steve Craig, two children they had together and five adopted. The marriage to Craig ended in 1985 after less than three years.

The family moved back and forth between Utah and California for years but has most recently lived year-round in Provo.

She said Thursday the couple has always had a "faithful (marriage) and neither of us is assigning fault for the divorce." Osmond, 47, did not discuss reasons for the break-up.

Osmond and Blosil were separated for several months following the birth of her third child in 1999, which spurred a traumatic bout of post-partum depression. At the time, Osmond turned her finances over to a nanny, drove up the California coast and holed up in a small hotel, never intending to return to her family. Blosil later reached her on a cell phone and drove up to be with her.

In the aftermath, the two were separated for several months but reconciled. However, during the two decades of their marriage, the two spent countless hours apart, both engulfed in work and family issues.

Osmond's mother, Olive Osmond, passed away in 2004. The death was particularly difficult for Marie as much of her time, as the only Osmond daughter, had been devoted to caring for the ailing 79-year-old stroke victim.

In 2005, Osmond's Provo home caught fire, and last year she was hospitalized for a reaction to a medication.

Blosil has also battled health issues in recent years, surviving a brain tumor.

In an interview prior to her final stop of a Christmas concert tour last year, Osmond told the Deseret Morning News the trials she's faced have been beneficial.

"That's life," she said. "That's what everybody goes through. We've been through a lot of stuff. You can feel sorry for yourself or you can say, thank you, it was a wonderful learning experience that gave me compassion for people."

Details of when the divorce will be final were not disclosed. Attempts to reach Osmond on Friday were unsuccessful.

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