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London temple visitors center renewed

'Christus' comes to England's 'green and pleasant land'

LINGFIELD, England — The old Roman road running from the south coast of England to the Thames River has, for 50 years, passed by the towering London England Temple and its 32 acres of parklike grounds.Today, the "new" London England Temple Visitors Center also graces the grounds and invites passers-by, LDS Church members, tourists and the community to visit the "distribution center for the word of God."

"A visitors center is a place to teach the message of the Atonement, the message of the plan of salvation, the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness," Elder Robert C. Oaks of the Seventy and president of the Europe Area stated as he prepared to dedicate the newly renovated center on Nov. 8, 2008.

Elder John Longden, an assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve, dedicated an earlier Mormon visitors center in 1969 while on a mission tour of the British Isles. For many years, the building has not been used as a visitors center.

In the visitors center, members and guests "will be introduced to the temple as a sanctuary from the cares of the world," said Elder Oaks. That same feeling, he suggested, would abound in the visitors center because of the new "Christus" statue which stands just inside the entrance and looks out through floor-to-ceiling windows across the temple grounds.

In addition to the "Christus," five interactive media displays highlight the Restoration, including "Temples around the World," "Building of the London Temple," "Messages for the Family," "Teachings of Modern Prophets as Special Witnesses of Jesus Christ" and "The Book of Mormon." A 48-seat theater offers the feature "Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration," as well as other church films.

Many will visit with questions about the temple and what happens inside. Read the full story at

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