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Video game review: ‘No More Heroes’ is a blast

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GAME TITLE: "No More Heroes"

PLATFORM: Nintendo Wii

STUDIO: Ubisoft

RATING: M for Mature (17+)

SCORE: 9/10


Quentin Tarantino-esque cool, this game is definitely NOT for the kids, but a blast for the grown-ups as you hack 'n slash your way to the top of the assassin's food chain. As Travis Touchdown, you're the 11th-best assassin and you have to kill your way to the top. You're up against a motley gang of the world's best and bizarre assassins. Meanwhile, killing jobs are few and far-between, so you've got to do side jobs (like mowing lawns and collecting coconuts) to earn money.

The game is retro in style, often crude in its humor, yet strangely fun in its violence (of which there is no shortage). As the guy at Game Stop said: "This game is the only reason I want a Wii."

GAMEPLAY: You'd think that wielding a katana blade, you'd be swinging the Wii-mote like crazy, but the A-button does most of the work. Instead, you use the Wii to deliver the bloody, finishing chop to your opponents (the Wii also doubles as a cell phone in parts of the game — yes, hold it up to your ear like a phone). Going up against a boss villain can seem like an exercise in futility at times (they don't die that easily), but the victory is all the sweeter as you win, advance the plot and watch him go down in a blaze of ... well, blood.

Meanwhile, when you're just killing time, you ride your motorcycle around the town of Santa Destroy to upgrade your weapons, get some training, do side jobs and prepare for the next confrontation. This part can get old.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are a mixture of early Atari-style arcade game mixed with slick, hipster-style characters. The battles are complete with showers of blood with each kill delivered by your katana.

AUDIO: Snarky dialogue, bathroom humor and a fun soundtrack keep with the game's violence-is-fun theme. The soundtrack (like most games) can get old if you're not advancing quickly.


PARENT'S TAKE: There's a reason it's rated "M," so it's most definitely NOT one to buy little Billy for his birthday.

FINAL WORD: Definitely for adults, but a lot of fun to play.

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