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Ads dog us wherever we go

SHARE Ads dog us wherever we go

I just want to gripe at all advertisers vying — ever more shrilly — for my money.

Once upon a time, commercial breaks on TV included two or maybe three advertisements. Now it's 10 to 15.

Once upon a time, a billboard was an occasional incursion in an otherwise pleasant road trip. Now billboards are the scenery.

Once a single set of yellow pages was sufficient. Now there isn't enough drawer space in my house for all the phone books.

Advertisements dog me everywhere. My mailbox is full of them. My newspapers. My telephone is used for them. I see them on buses and watch them at the movie theaters.

And guess what every advertisement aims to do? It aims to convince me that I'm not good enough, not happy enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough and not enlightened enough. Billions of dollars are being spent just to tell me I'm inadequate!

One wonders where the madness and the greed of free enterprise gone berserk will end.

Jane Randall