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Drafted or not, Tate hoping for a chance

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Steve Tate

Steve Tate

The anticipation is almost over, but the nerves are unsettled as I await the phone calls. I've heard from some teams and now it's a matter of time.

I'm actually on my way right now to play some golf in Palm Springs. We're driving so I'm missing the first day of the draft. I'm glad I don't have to watch it today. I find it to be pretty boring on TV, although driving in a car for 10 hours with a 2-year-old isn't the most exciting alternative.

This entire draft process has been much like waiting for my mission call; the preparation is over and now it's out of my control. I don't have a preference as to where I go; my wife can worry about that. Although I think she jinxed us when Eric Weddle was drafted to sunny San Diego. She said, "They're so lucky that they get to live in San Diego, we'll probably end up in the frozen tundra, Green Bay."

Fast forward a year later and the team that has shown me the most interest is yours truly, the Green Bay Packers. Needless to say my wife hates the cold, but I would love to play for them. If I fall to free agency, they are high on my list.

I'm still hoping to get drafted, but free agency is nice because I will be able to look at the teams' rosters and decide which team gives me the best chance to make the roster.

The journey to get to this point in my football career has been an incredible experience. My first game that I started in was at LSU when I was at Utah State. There were 92,000 people at that game and I almost hyperventilated.

I was a true freshman right out of high school weighing 170 pounds. I felt completely outmeasured. It took a few games to get used to. I can only imagine the next level being much of the same type of feeling. I don't know a lot of what awaits me in the NFL, but I'm sure it's about making the most of your opportunity.