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Skyline taking shape in downtown Salt Lake City

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After nearly three dusty years of demolition and excavation work, City Creek Center across from LDS church headquarters in downtown Salt Lake City is showing the early outlines of its ambitious design.

City Creek Center is being developed by City Creek Reserve Inc., a church affiliate, and Taubman Centers Inc., a retail properties developer and manager.

Since demolition began in 2006, the future City Creek Center has been touted for its unique outdoor appeal. Broad strolling paths, water features and lush landscaping will create a setting that will be inviting to residents of new condominium and apartment complexes, as well as shoppers and those who work downtown.

For much of the past year, an armada of cement trucks has docked at strategic pumping stations to pour 225,000 cubic yards of concrete, or roughly football field-sized sections, to construct underground parking structures and foundations.

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