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'Rain Man' has been a missionary his whole life

MURRAY, Utah — Laurence Kim Peek, or "Rain Man" as many people know him, basically served a mission his whole life, said his father.Peek died at his home on Dec. 19, 2009, of a sudden heart attack.He was the mega-savant who inspired the character in the Oscar-winning Tom Cruise movie "Rain Man."Peek was never baptized into the LDS Church. "He's a child of God," said his father, Fran Peek, referring to the belief that those who are children chronologically or mentally do not need the ordinance.Fran Peek said LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson was a very dear friend to his son and they often talked.Kim Peek graduated from LDS Seminary 20 times and has the certificates to prove it, his father added. He memorized all of the church scriptures and talked about his religion in venues all over the world."He's been a missionary his whole life," Fran Peek said.He was a member of the Three Fountains Ward in the Murray Utah Stake.To read more about Peek's life see: Mega-savant Kim Peek diesWisecracks are Salt Lake savant's latest specialtyNASA scientists taking a peek at Utahn's brainNew York Times story: Kim Peek, Inspiration for Rain Man, Dies at 58