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3 killed in Idaho plane crash remembered as family men

The men in the Mingo family were defined by two things: incredible work ethic and love of family.

The men were so hardworking, in fact, that brother- and son-in-law Chris Garner said he can't remember the last time Ron, Jed and Jordan Mingo took time off for things like fishing trips.

But the men were doing just that Friday when they left for Washington state in a small, single-engine airplane being flown by Jed Mingo, 32, of Bountiful.

Ron Mingo, 62, of Hazelton, Idaho, and sons Jed Mingo and Jordan Mingo, 26, of Lehi, never made it to their destination. Their wrecked plane was found Monday by the Civil Air Patrol five miles west of the Idaho-Oregon border in Oregon.

As far as officials can tell, the men hit a storm and were trying to land at the nearest airport, Garner said. There was also a strong windstorm that may have contributed to the crash, he said.

Ron Mingo was a father of six and grandfather of 16. Garner described him as someone who "worked very hard to take care of his family and provide for them."

Ron Mingo worked as truck driver for a company based in Salt Lake City. His commitment to work was outweighed, though, by his love for family, Garner said.

"He loved his grandkids," he said. "Whenever he came to see his grandkids, he'd always bring a jumbo bag of M&Ms."

Jed Mingo was an entrepreneur who started his own trucking business at age 24 and was "very generous to his family and friends," Garner said. His brother-in-law also loved adventure and extreme sports, he said.

"He loved life and he wasn't scared of anything," Garner said. "If he wanted to do something, he did it. From sky-diving to backpacking across Europe, he just lived every minute of his life."

A statement released by the family said Jed and Jordan Mingo were not just brothers but also best friends.

Jordan Mingo left behind three children younger than 5. He and his wife had been married for five years and had a 4-year-old, 2-year-old and 3-month-old, Garner said.

"He loved being with his family," he said. "He loved his kids and was very generous as well. Jordan loved sports, but most of all he just loved to be with his family."

The statement released by the family thanked those who helped with the investigation and recovery efforts in the crash. The statement closed with a reiteration of the importance of family and faith, saying: "We know that families are forever, and while we will miss them, we look forward to being reunited with them."

Recovery efforts will be handled by the Malheur County Sheriff's Office in Oregon.

In the meantime, the Mingo family is looking after one another, Garner said. A family fund has been set up to collect donations for Jordan Mingo's wife and three children. Anyone interested in contributing to the Mingo Family Fund can do so at any Wells Fargo.

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