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Old Capitol lions going up for bid on Internet

What would you pay for a piece of Utah state Capitol history?

Beginning Monday, the original concrete lions from the Capitol will be placed for auction on eBay. The auction will end Oct. 8.

The lions, created in 1915 by sculptor Gavin Jack, were prominent fixtures on Capitol Hill until 2004, when the restoration of the Capitol began.

The Capitol Preservation Board decided to replace the original lions with new ones made from a longer-lasting material.

"The original lions were made of concrete, which is a material that weathers poorly and requires a high amount of maintenance. The new lions, sculpted by master stone carver Nick Fairplay, are made from a high-quality marble, which will endure for generations to come," said David Hart, preservation board executive director.

Several organizations have approached the board about buying the old lions. To give equal opportunity to all interested parties, the board opted to put them up for public auction.

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