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Bountiful may end up with only 1 social club

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BOUNTIFUL — The 5th Amendment may get to hold the title of lone club in Bountiful following Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The Bountiful City Council is expected to repeal an ordinance allowing the city to grant liquor licenses to social clubs.

Because its operations on 500 West predate an ordinance change, the 5th Amendment would be grandfathered into the city's new regulation if approved.

In late 2009, the city received an application for a liquor license for a restaurant or club, and the City Council decided to grant the restaurant liquor license, said Aric Jensen, Bountiful's planning and economic development director.

The council also discussed whether it would allow future new applications for club liquor licenses. On Tuesday, it will vote whether to repeal its club liquor license ordinance.

Other liquor licenses for restaurants will still be permitted in Bountiful, and a handful of restaurants serve beer, wine, liquor or distilled spirits, Jensen said.

The type of license a restaurant holds governs how much alcohol can be served at an establishment.

And it's not the city's goal to get rid of alcohol-serving establishments, officials say.

"We're not interested in opening up a club-type scene in Bountiful," said city manager Tom Hardy.

Bountiful will continue to permit as many restaurants that meet the setback requirements (distance from schools, churches, parks, etc.) to operate in the city, Jensen said.

If the City Council repeals the ordinance, clubs could still locate near the city in a redevelopment area along 500 West, though parts of that area are governed by West Bountiful's ordinances, he said.

Sharon Mackey, spokeswoman for the Utah Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, said it's not unusual for a city to restrict the number of clubs allowed to operate, and it's within a city's right to do so.

But it's also common for ordinances to change depending on the political wind of a city council.

St. George formerly had an ordinance stating only two clubs could operate in the city. That ordinance has since been repealed, Mackey said.

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