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Got more than milk? Winder family has proud Utah legacy

SHARE Got more than milk? Winder family has proud Utah legacy

WEST VALLEY CITY — Winder Farms will celebrate another milestone today, Oct. 11, its 130th birthday.

Over its 13 decades, the local company has established a rich history and legacy. It is also a family business, with a sixth generation now involved.

Besides the dairy business, the Winder family has a lesser-publicized legacy — it has produced 10 elected officials in Utah, as well as one general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Deseret News has reported on Winder Farms' expansion extensively over the years.

No longer just a milkman, Winder Farms today also provides cheese, yogurt, eggs, fresh-squeezed juices, cookie dough, fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, pasta, bacon and sausage — more than 300 products to customer doorsteps.

According to a Deseret News story by Brice Wallace in 2005, the business began using Winder Farms as its moniker that year.

"What was known in 1889 as the J.R. Winder Creamery also has had more than 30 logos over the years," Wallace noted.

"Along the way, the operations moved from the Poplar Farm, at 2700 S. 300 East, to West Valley City in 1931; milk containers advanced from cans to glass to polycarbonate bottles; deliveries moved from horse-drawn vehicles to trucks; and a partnership was forged between the family and Dolphin II and Peterson Partners in 2004. The product lines have expanded often, too, including the addition of bread to the dairy products in 1958," he continued.

The expanding product line is the result of customer research.

Another Deseret News story in 1996, by Linda Thomson, stated that Winder's switch from horse-drawn milk wagons to trucks came along in 1925.

Also in 1996, Winder milked its own cows from a 1,000-head herd, the largest in Utah.

While the product prices on household deliveries are obviously more than what customers would pay in a store, they receive convenience. They may also actually save money by avoiding going into a grocery store, where they may purchase additional products — since milk and dairy products are located in the rear of a store for that very concept.

The deliveries also have been a boon for older people who would have a tough time getting around at a store, or carrying heavy items.

The following is a list of the Winder family's 10 elected officials over the years, plus four other prominent family members. (An asterisk by the name means the person is still living):

John R. Winder (British immigrant, Mormon pioneer and LDS general authority) — Salt Lake City Council (1872-78), Salt Lake County assessor and collector (1870-84), president of Utah State Fair Board (1866-1900)

William C. Winder (son of John R.) — President of Utah State Fair Board (1919-37)

George Winder (son of William C.) — Utah State House of Representatives (1935-37), president of Utah State Fair Board (1930s and 40s)

Shirl Winder (son of William C.) — Utah State House of Representatives (1921), Utah State Senate (1923-25)

Ed Winder (son of William C.) — Granger-Hunter Improvement District trustee (1960s)

Ned Winder (son of Ed) — president, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce; Utah State Senate President; and Salt Lake Area United Way

Richard Winder* (son of Ed) — Granite School Board, president of Granite School Board (1966-67, 1971-72)

Judge Dave Winder (son of Ed) — U.S. district judge appointed by President Jimmy Carter (1979-2009)

Pete Winder* (nephew of Shirl, Ed and George) — original West Valley City Council (1981-87)

John Winder* (descendant of John R. Winder) — Sandy City Council (1982-2006)

David B. Winder* (nephew of Shirl, Ed and George) — Gov. Mike Leavitt's cabinet, director of Community & Economic Development, (1997-2002); and special assistant to the Governor (2002-2004)

Kent Winder* (son of Ned) — Taylorsville City Council (1996-97); chairman of the board, ChamberWest (1996-97); and Granger-Hunter Improvement District trustee (2008-present)

Jim Winder* (son of Judge Dave) — Salt Lake County sheriff (2007-present)

Mike Winder* (son of Kent) — West Valley City Council (2006-2010), mayor of West Valley City (2010-present), and Utah Board of State History (2005-present)

Photo researcher Ron Fox has assembled many photos of Winder Farms from past issues of the newspaper, which can be seen in full by clicking on the photo.

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