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Woman says worms found in Halloween candy

PROVO — A Provo woman says she got a nasty trick when she ate some Halloween candy over the weekend.

Monica Gardner works in a restaurant, but she's having a hard time eating food since purchased a bag of Milk Duds at an Orem Walmart and pulled out a small box of the candy and ate them.

"Then when I was done I looked down in (the bag) and saw something moving in it. There were two larvae. One was dead and one was crawling around still," said Gardner. "I think the rest of the night any food that I picked up I'm like 'Is there going to be a worm in this? Maybe I shouldn't eat it.' "

Gardner became even more frustrated when she called Walmart and told them what had happened.

"We didn't even get an 'I'm sorry,' which was surprising," said Gardner. "They just said, 'Oh well, you can just drive down here and exchange it.' "

Gardner doesn't plan on pursuing her complaint any further unless she becomes ill.

Calls to Walmart were not immediately returned Monday.

— Randall Jeppesen