SALT LAKE CITY — Political commentator of all things conservative, Glenn Beck brought his latest book to life again this week in a very big way — by appearing on a Pittsburgh stage live and simulcasting a film version of "Broke — Restarting the Engine of America" to theaters nationwide.

Originally broadcast Thursday to more than 530 theaters across the country — including eight in Utah — an encore performance is set for next Wednesday, Dec. 8, at select Cinemark locations from Ogden to Orem and in Park City.

Tickets for Wednesday's encore showing are available online through ticket outlet site Fandango. Be prepared to pay for the privilege, as ticket prices are $18 a seat to see the screening.

Beck's own media company, Mercury Radio Arts, presents the film, stating he uses his "own inimitable style to compare the United States economy to a 1965 Mustang."

"Beck will illustrate his argument that — like an automobile engine overburdened with add-ons and faulty repair work — Washington's misplaced focus has caused the United States economy to fall from its former position as a model of performance and efficiency," according to press materials.

Host of the nationally syndicated Glenn Beck Program, the best-selling author impressed one high school student who attended the Pennsylvania live event.

"(Beck) talks about the Constitution and how important it is to bring it back into America," Ian Case, 15, was quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "He calls it like he sees it."

It was estimated that about 2,500 tickets — at $90.50 each — were sold for the live show.

A few reviews of the more-than-two-hour film are available online.

From The New American:

"Beck's performance ... was a personification of Edward Munch's famous painting, The Scream," wrote Raven Clabough. "He appeared as one of the few who are truly aware of what is coming, warning those around him, practically screaming from the rafters, but wholly ignored and criticized, with the exception of his loyal audience.

"Fortunately, that audience has grown to 10 percent of the overall population and will likely continue to grow," Clabough added.

And counterpoint from

"His obligatory chalkboard session instead focused largely on a tortured comparison of the Greek economy and its role in the European Union with the troubled economy of California," Will Bunch wrote, "based largely on its size and with any broader explanation of how California's situation might be similar or different to Greece, or what, if anything, that meant for his paying audience.

"Fans of irony should also note that the theater showing the Beck event still had the sign up for 'Megamind,' " Bunch jabbed.

In July, Beck made a stop to Salt Lake City's EnergySolutions Arena as more than 6,000 came out to hear him and other speakers during his "American Revival" event.