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Portraits of the past: Smiths’ log home

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The Smith Palmyra log home is where Joseph Smith was living at the time of the First Vision. Field excavations at the site revealed that the 1½-story home had a main floor with an attic floor or garret up above. The home was 28 feet by 18½ feet. There was also a 10-by-6 addition built from sawn slabs of wood rather than logs as were used for the rest of the home. The interior view seen here looks west through the parents' bedroom or "best room." Families like the Smiths often would add a room like the one here when a new baby was born. The close proximity of a newborn to its nursing mother made caring for the child more convenient. Such may have been the case with Joseph's sister, Lucy, who was born in 1821, the year following the First Vision.

— Kenneth Mays