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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle: Utah mission, Mormon facts

Wednesday, Feb. 10Utah St. George Mission: Guess where "Another New Mission (is) to be Created"? Yep, in St. George, Utah, dividing from the current Utah Provo mission. Click to read more and/or comment about this new development!Using What are the "Top Reasons People Use"? Jimmy Smith has recently studied this very question and his findings are fascinating. For example, did you know that people mostly search for site-specific topics? And the Gospel Library is "one of the most popular church sites." Scriptures, FamilySearch, General Conference also all make the list. How do you use stats: Mormon Chronicles highlights an intriguing analysis of over 210 million Facebook profiles and its specific Mormon findings. The researcher explains "The only region that's completely surrounded by another cluster, Mormonia mostly consists of Utah towns that are highly connected to each other, with an offshoot in Eastern Idaho. It's worth separating from the rest of the West because of how interwoven the communities are, and how relatively unlikely they are to have friends outside the region." Kids' valentines: I found this absolutely darling idea of personality-filled "Valentines" for your kids to share. Take a photo of your children pretending to give a candy sucker and then cut the photo to actually provide one! Check out the link to see some sweet examples!